10 Reasons a Local Web Designer is Your Best Bet.


Why Choose a Local Web Design Company?

When it comes to web design, hosting and support, going local is by far your best bet. There are numerous factors as to why this is. Lets break it down into a list of the top 7 reasons. This way you won’t fall into the never ending spiral of web design frustration and let downs. For more information you can visit a Stockport based web design company site where you can ask us for a quote or just get in touch!

You can speak on the phone.

Well, in truth, there are many people you can speak with on the telephone when the need arises. But in some cases where a designer in another country has been chosen, the time difference can make a huge impact. This can compromise the availability of your support operator and therefore the quality of the support you receive. The closer to your own timezone your provider is situated – the better off you will be. There is NOTHING more frustrating than an answering machine. Especially when your web site is down and you are losing customers as a result.

You can pay them a visit!

With designs and functionality of a certain level of complexity, a phone conversation is often not enough. Wipe board sessions or “brainstorming” meetings can work wonders. A group of designers and technicians get together with a client to develop a solution which matches or exceeds the requirement. This may take hours, days – and in some cases even months. Beyond a certain distance, arranging meetings which are convenient for all parties can become tiresome and may even result in lost time.

They will know your area.

For local SEO, it can be a huge advantage to you if your developers have extensive local knowledge. Subtle inclusions within your Google My Business listings relating to local specific features can boost your prominence. Additional SEO benefits include important correct NAP detail configurations on known local directories and business organisation / association domains. Getting a software house / web developer to achieve the same level of directory inclusion can be an almost impossible task. This becomes more and more difficult the further away from your base they are.


You will find it much easier to get recommendations for a local provider. Simply by joining locally run Facebook groups for your area and asking for suggestions on “web design” is sure to get a response! So using these facilities you won’t need to work blind when choosing who to part your hard earned cash with. It is far better to work with a recommended developer than a company who you have never heard of – view this as similar to finding a plumber or electrician and you won’t go far wrong.

Making Changes.

Once your web site is up and running, there are bound to be changes which need addressing. These might include simple images or text additions / modifications – or they may be more complex such as business process flow changes or legal changes. You will find that a small local web designer can have these done much faster than your average large agency based in “the city”. The changes will be completed, typically on an informal basis and go live the same day you request them.

Technical Support.

Hosting is more than often the main problem faced by website owners. A local company will usually be using a shared hosting package for a small to medium business website (I.E. yours). They will be hosting many customer web sites – and will need 24 hour support from their host. With this in mind, by definition they will have selected and be using a trusted and easily contactable host. Tasks can be passed to technical support queries which fall out of the scope of their own expertise and services. These may involve email system problems as well as web page serving problems.

Support your local business!

Last but by no means least – it is important to recognise that huge overseas companies are probably taking over these services in your area right now! It may make life more difficult for YOU to use these types – it may also cost you more – so ask yourself why would you put more money in the fat cats pocket when you can get a far better service by going local!!!

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