12 Features of iOS 7 to Get Most Out of Your iPad

iOs 7

Apple has surprised us with a very comprehensive update that actually had gradually started several years ago. But the fact is that it finally arrived, and all at once to update our iPad. So here I summarize the developments that will be of greater utility, making it clear and our lives easier.

  1. AirDrop is integrated into iOS 7 for connecting with other Apple devices that are close and share the photos, videos and other files as links, sites, notes, addresses, and attachments of an email from Mail or a short message service (SMS). The interaction may be with a person or a group and is done via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  2. We can see annotation in a PDF document, not just its contents, quality of much value to the online team work.
  3. Sync notifications between Apple devices that have iOS, Mac and OS X Mavericks. It is definitely a feature that will save you time and repetitive tasks.
  4. Safari appears redesigned and, among other things, now allows searching from the URL bar, load pages faster and has a more orderly and especially more updated look. Among the favorites of Safari, you can save the recent tweets, followers and include the link.
  5. The applications update automatically provided that there is enough charge in the battery and you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. With an alert indicating the App Store, you have pending updates will no longer appear. With iOS 7, it is also possible to make a list of applications you want. It is worth mentioning that you always have the option to disable the automatic updates.
  6. WiFi HotSpot 2.0, a standard for connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, automatically works without transcription of key or additional information on your iPad.
  7. Spotlight is now accessible from any Home screen. The search bar icon appears when slides down, so you we will not have to go to the last screen on the left.
  8. iOS 7 supports Vimeo and Flickr and you can access them from iPad.
  9. ‘Settings’ appears with many new features that are worth knowing. In the Accessibility menu, you we can invert colors, increase the size of the text or change the format of the letter to Bold. Likewise, it offers the subtitle selection among pre or other designed by yourself defining font, size and color. In turn, this section can disable the Parallax effect, change the wallpaper and access more features to customize iPad/iPhone/iPod.
  10. iOS 7 is able to select the applications whose notifications you wish to see even when the screen is locked and you can configure them individually.
  11. You can enable Smart Mailboxes in Mail for iOS to read, unread, and other filter convenience to group messages.
  12. You can block calls and messages in FaceTime to prevent disruption of important activities such as meetings, gatherings or hours of rest. Additionally, it is possible to make phone calls via VoIP.

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