4 Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around the world. Many bloggers, e-commerce stores and business websites are powered by WordPress. As WordPress allows you to organize content in an effective way, change the theme and build responsive website, it becomes the prior choice for everyone. Anyone can build a WordPress site without being a tech-savvy. You can search for the WordPress web hosting in Pakistan to make your WordPress site online. But do you know that you can also convert a WordPress site into a mobile app?

Yes, it’s expensive, this is probably the answer of most of the people. But if you use the plugins to convert a WordPress it won’t cost you as expensive as compared to the cost of webmaster. The best part of using plugins is it converts a WordPress site into a mobile app within minutes. So, let’s explore those plugins in this blog.

1.   App Presser

The best plugin that allows every WordPress site to convert into a Mobile app is the App Presser. The user-interface of app presser is quite easy and any person can easily interact with it to know the process of how to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app. The best part of App presser is its dedicated WordPress mobile theme that can be used to create an app for Woo-commerce store, buddy Press website, or a blog.

The visual app customizer of app presser helps you to change the app appearance just like the WordPress theme. From customizing colours to adding content, the app presser provides complete flexibility to do all your tack efficiently.

2.   MobiLoad

Mobiload is another easiest platform for the website owners to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app. It comes up with push notification, analytics, custom branding, and mobile advertising support features. You can also add it to the app stores. Mobiload is suitable for news & blog websites, or the websites that use woo commerce or any other reliable plugin.

3.   Androapp

You can convert a WordPress site into a mobile app through androapp that allows to download the app and manually submit it to the app store by your own. Androapp provides offline support, internationalization support, unlimited push notification, native social sharing and infinite scroll.

Androapp could be the ideal choice for many website owners but one of the downgrade in the free version is it allows the developer to show their own add.

4.   WPApp.Ninja

You can build a progressive web application or mobile app through WPApp.Ninja. By using effective tools, you can easily upload your app icon, translations, colours, button and much more. The best part of WPApp.ninja is it gives compatibility with all WordPress plugins. From google analytics to built-in caching and offline content, it allows everything that you need. To convert your WordPress site into a mobile app by using WPApp. Ninja you need to purchase a lifetime license.

Therefore, if you are the one who needs to spend less amount of money and need effective app plugin you can consider the first three option.

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