5 Creative Programming Tricks to Develop an Amazing Website

5 Creative Programing Tricks to Develop an Amazing Website

If you are more of an old-school type developer that uses code to develop a website, look no further as we are going to discuss five creative programming techniques to develop a stunning website. In today’s day and age, there are thousands of platforms that make website development a breeze with simple drag and drop like functions but designing a customized website from scratch is no easy task. Website creators do not just have to design a website but create a unique and efficient, functional interface for the users to interact with even if the website will get published using cheap php web hosting services. A lot of creativity and coding is required to reach a certain level of satisfaction when it comes to developing a website. Without further ado, here are the few programming tricks that you ought to know when developing a website.

Global Changes

Let’s start with a very simple but useful technique of using an asterisk selector in CSS to apply global changes. For instance, during the process of coding, you realize that the font you have used this whole time is not up to the standard. Then you can just use the asterisk selector to apply the changes throughout the code.

Hovering Effect

You can always add hover effects to your website and make your website look more interactive and user-friendly. You as a developer can choose and decide when to utilize the hover effect in a creative way, for example, a text changes its appearance when a user hovers over it. Using the following code you can easily add such effects.

.entry h2{





.entry h2:hover{



Resizing Images

Whether you are using a web development platform or coding from scratch, you never want your website to load slowly. Using low byte image will help your website load much quicker. It could literally take countless hours in resizing all the images one by one. A little neat trick is to use code to not only resize your images but to have them resized proportionally. The following code will not only help you save time and energy but will also allow the image to fit into space and resize itself.   

img {




 Adding drop caps

If you are developing a website that needs to have a newspaper or a magazine look then you could add drop caps to the beginning of the articles or essay. By doing this you can choose to modify the color of the capital letter, the font size of the drop cap and the margin. You can also add this feature via a plugin but for those old-school geeks, use the following code.








Color Change & Page Break

For HTML users, a very simple trick of adding a horizontal line to put a break between two articles works wonders as it makes the content easier on the eye and encourages users to read. Here is the code:


<p>HTML is a language for describing web pages…..</p>



<p>CSS defines how to display HTML elements…..</p>

Furthermore, simple code for allowing the visitors to change the background color or font color on your website can be a neat trick to please the majority of the visitors as they can change the color to their liking.

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