5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Email Hosting Service

Email Hosting Service

With the revolution in the internet, email becomes a key area of communication. The boom in the internet comes up with benefits for small and large businesses. The growth continues in the 21st century giving more options to business owners in different areas. The use of e-mail increased in the starting of the 21st century.

Engaging potential clients is the need of every single website owner. The email marketing was put in the business plans to gain traffic, customers & clients. Email marketing becomes one of the most successful strategies of growing business in the virtual world.

The email communication is the easiest way to describe your product, upbringing your brand and increasing profits. There are many default email solutions such as Zimbra, IceWarp & outlook that enables you to send emails easily. Despite these email solutions, email hosting is necessary for small and large businesses to grow more productively. There are many email hosting providers & various solutions for email hosting that will enable you to perform well.

To get effective email marketing an email hosting will be necessary for the operations. To select the best email hosting provides you need to read this blog till the end.

Why You Need Email Hosting

There are many reasons behind getting email hosting services for your business. The top three reasons are as follows

  • Professionalism: In the modern age people believe in what they see, therefore, it is necessary to bring your brand (domain name) to give a good impression. The more professional way of doing business is by getting email hosting. Your customers will receive an email with the domain name, for example, Contact@yourdomain.com which will surely give a professional look. 
  • Data Security: Using general email like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook will never ensure the data security of your potential clients. By hosting email, you will be able to control and save data in your servers.
  • Support: Emails do contain critical information such as invoice, billing & client’s data that could get incorrupt or face different issues. By hosting you will be better equipped to resolve these issues easily.

Know Your Business

Not every business needs the same hosting plans. There are many plans that need to be selected on the basis of your business. You will need to determine which email hosting will be the best for your business according to their plans and your product. Always know your business before jumping towards email hosting providers.

Options for Email Hosting

While choosing for the email hosting provider you need to analyze the options according to your strategies. The main three options are as follows.

  • Linux Web & Email Hosting: There are many hosting providers that offer email hosting for free. Just like Inmotion, you can get email hosting for free while purchasing the web hosting plans. You can also go for Hostbreak which provides the cheapest Linux web hosting to their client’s.
  • Self-Hosted Email: To avoid paying for the email hosting services you can self-host your emails if you can manage to purchase high-tech servers. The disadvantage is the high maintenance cost, more employees & difficult to manage your emails from being marked as spam.
  • Third-Party Email Hosting: To get more built-in tools you will need to contact an email hosting provider rather than your web hosting provider. The third-party email hosting provider will provide you with tools like video-conference, chat, business calendar & much more.

Top Five Features to Look for in an Email Hosting Service

There are some key features that most of the business applies and maybe you will also need one of them. The top email hosting features you should look for are as follows

  • Custom Domain: Custom domain is the key feature that must be included in the email hosting services that let you create email account by using your domain name.
  • 24/7 Support: The hosting company should provide you with the 24/7 support so that your questions and problems should be answered within time.
  • Security Features: Build-in security feature like spam and virus filtering is another built-in tool that must be provided by your email host.
  • Mail Box Storage: The mail storage is necessary when you need to communicate with your client through your emails. The minimum storage per person should not below than 2GB.

How to Choose the Right Email Host?

After knowing the above essential tips, you will easily determine the actual needs and wants of your business. The email hosting providers having all the above mention qualities should be compared to select any one. You will need to compare the money back guarantee, experience level, previous records, partners and reviews.

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