5 Ways You Can Save Money On Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Hosting is a need for every website or blog. No website could get online without the hosting. With the increase in the demand of hosting many web hosting providers come up with different packages. When it comes to online business or a new blog it could be really hard to manage the things. It’s a fact that whether you are planning an online business or a new blog, the gateway to success comes from the hosting.

In 2019, where the new technologies, economic crisis and trends are all around you, it could be really hard to pay huge money for hosting without even earning anything from your website. These issues force you to choose the cheapest and unreliable hosting that further puts your whole business at risk. To get rid of these problems and becomes successful in online world all you need is to follow the top tips mention below.

Choose a Shared Hosting Plan 

If you are running a successful business or website the dedicated server hosting in Pakistan is the ideal option for you. But as a beginner it’s better to choose a cheap hosting. Usually, the shared hosting plan is always criticized due to the limited bandwidth, disk space and poor performance. This situation is faced by those who host a high traffic website. As a beginner, your website will encounter limited traffic and you won’t be needed huge server space to handle it. The shared web hosting plan is an ideal way to save money.  You can consider hostbreak or fast host for the best hosting plans.

Haggle On Packages Prices

Usually people don’t think a lot before they take action. Sometimes you can be the reason of your expense. Don’t settle on the first choice and always try to gather the quotes from different web hosting providers. Send emails to hosting providers describing your needs and your expectations. Collect the prices for the same plan from different providers and choose the one which is reliable and more cost-efficient. If you have patience and really want to save more than a few bucks than wait for the special day offers. Usually many companies give more than 20 per cent discounts on their hosting on special days like Black Friday.

Purchase Hosting & Domain Name Together

A domain name is the base of your website. Usually the biggest mistake most of the newbie do is buying domain and hosting from two different providers. this cost more than buying domain and hosting from same provider. Many hosting providers give free domain registration for up to 2 years associated with their web hosting plans. Consider those in order to save more money.

Drop The Useless Features

Many companies provide extra features with their web hosting plans in order to increase the overall cost. It’s highly recommended to choose the hosting plan that exactly fit into your needs. Drop the features that you don’t need and reduce the cost of your overall plan.

Buy Hosting Services for a Longer Period of Time

Many hosting companies provide offers for their new users. You could avail up to 50 per cent discount for the first time but from the next year you will have to pay the regular prices. At this stage you need to be smart and buy your hosting service for 3 years or more to avail the maximum discount for the web hosting.

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