Challenges of Migrating the Website from One Host to Another

Challenges of Migrating the Website from One Host to Another

Migrating from one place to another isn’t easy. Just like the way you migrate from one home to another, migrating a website from one host to another comes up with different challenges. In the virtual world migrating is not similar to just packing your furniture and moving towards a new home. The virtual migrating come up with technical challenges that need smart solutions.

To migrate your website to another host, its quite important to know whether your host is providing a free migration just like the hostbreak or not. If you aren’t getting a free migration offer, then it’s time to follow the tips mention in this blog.

Choose A New Web Host

Migrating requires efforts so it could be a hard decision to move towards another host. Before moving towards another host check whether it complies with your needs or not. There are many companies providing cheap hosting in Pakistan, UAE, America, Canada and in various part of the world. Always look for the one that has the following facilities

  • Fastest performing servers
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • The free hosting trial just like hostbreak
  • 24/7 technical support

Use Duplicator for Creating Site Backup

If you are using the WordPress site, then go to the admin page and install a duplicator plugin. Once the duplicator is installed you need to click the duplicator icon and click on the create a new button which will appear at the right-hand corner. To start the package building step you need to click on the next button that will appear at right bottom of the page. It will show the server and archives files that must be scanned to continue the further process. After scanning it click on the build button and then on one-click download. This is the first step of migrating the website.

Import Your Site to The New Host

The second step of migrating the website is to use the FTP client. You need to upload the downloaded file by using the FTP client that will connect your new host. Upload the downloaded files in the root directory. Remember to check the folder to ensure that it is empty before you start downloading.

Change The Host File to Prevent Down Times

Migrating a website sometimes can get tough when your website faces downtime issues. To prevent the down times, you will need to change the host file. While running the file you have downloaded will show error as it is connected with your old host. Use your computer open the Cpanel find the IP address of your new host and copy it. After that, you need to open the notepad and select the option of run as an administrator. Now on the notepad go to files and click go and then go to the hosting file and then enter the domain name & IP address you copy on the bottom of the host file. Click the save changes and now you can access the files of your website using your domain name without any chance of downtime.

Update Your Domain

Your domain still sites to the old host therefore you need to update it. This is the essential step of migrating a website. Change your domain name server by choosing the DNS name server. A couple of URL will be provided by your new host and you to apply that using your domain. This is how you will successfully migrate your website to the new host.

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