Common Causes and Precautions to Avoid Online Data Loss


Data loss is nowadays the most frightening issue for everyone. Today almost everyone is no more desperate than losing his or her important data. Therefore, to prevent this loss, first, you should know its root causes, only then you will be able to take precautions to prevent this loss. Most of its causes are very simple operations that you are doing on a daily bases, like storing your data, choosing the cheapest VPS Linux hosting or how you handle it.

Deletion of data

The most common kind of data loss is actually due to our own mistakes, like accidentally deleting those files, which have no backup. Inarguably, accidental deletion is the most commonly encountered mishap.


If you want to prevent this kind of loss, then you should make a habit to back up your data regularly. For instance, even if you have deleted your file, you can recover it by looking into your backup readily. Through this simple habit, you can save your data from accidental deletion with the utmost ease.

Virus attacks

In this era, multiple unknown viruses continuously surround us and new viruses are being developed with every passing day. As long as we are connected online, we cannot be freed from them. The most serious damage caused by these viruses are loss of data and if you try to get back your data, then your only choice is to pay for it.


If you want to prevent this kind of damage from a virus, first you have to be cautious with your behavior while you are online, like avoid opening a suspicious link or attachment anywhere. You should also invest in a reliable security suite online for securing your data.

Power off

Data loss due to sudden power failure is almost familiar to everyone. Every person must have encountered this issue at least once in his or her life. So should I tell you what would happen to a file if suddenly power goes off during composting or modifying it? Obviously, the file will be in danger of loss. In addition, a sudden increase in voltage can also be a threat to your data.


To prevent the damage from sudden power loss, you can use an uninterrupted power supply. The definite prevention against a power surge to attach equipment to your device that would help control the voltage and prevent damage to the device, like a surge protector.

Hard drive

When it comes to the cause of data loss, damage to the hard drive is an extremely vexing issue.  Moreover, the most severe of them is mechanical damage to the drive. This kind of damage demands an expert repair to the internal components of the drive, so do not try to do it yourself. This practice has special requirements like proper humidity and pressure in the room; also, specific tools are needed during this repair.


“Precaution is better than repair”. Rather than getting your drive repaired, it is much better to be cautious in the handling of your drive and take good care of it before it needs any treatment. For example, provide it with adequate ventilation.

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