Developments Of Technology Today

Developments Of Technology

The company Facebook ban the private sale of arms on its platform and social network Instagram because it is your property, a measure to avoid transactions with firearms without a license and without a criminal background check.

As reported by the US daily, Facebook, which already prohibits providing marijuana users, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs for sale, said Friday that it updates its policy to include legal firearms from bans.

The company explained that depend on its large network of users to record any violations of the new rules of use. Thus, confirming once again the offense, he shall remove the profiles from different social networks.

Facebook states that the prohibition applies to private sales (person to person) firearms. Therefore, the licensed arms dealers can maintain their active Facebook page and post pictures on Instagram.

The move comes amid growing pressure from the government of President Barack Obama and groups advocating greater control over arms sales. The social network, with 1.6 million visitors a month, has become one of the largest arms markets in the world.

The men of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has harshly criticized the race for 5G to have more mobile connections and quicker when “the job is not only to” bring the Internet to everyone and while more than half of humanity continues without access.

He said Monday at its conference at MWC in recent Gran Via Fira de Barcelona, ​​with auditorium and congressmen are lining up two hours earlier full main.

He stressed his desire to connect all the inhabitants of the planet, and criticized the 5G daruma faster connection 2020 means “rich”, while 4.000 million people are now out of network range.

Among the projects you have in place to reduce the digital divide, he mentioned that this year aims to provide satellite internet in Africa.

In addition, it reformulated its business leader in India to reduce costs of the new infrastructure to expand coverage and reduce the cost of access for consumers, after free basic program was closed by the government as contrary to free competition: “Every country is different, and what works in one place does not work in another. ”

The (MWC), the biggest event in the world dedicated to mobile telephony, the network begins Monday Barcelona con 5G as one of the protagonists. The successor to the current 4G technology will be available around 2020, but telecommunications companies are already developing prototypes.

The star of the Congress will be no technological component, weighing organizers. The 24-hour strike called for Monday and Wednesday at the Barcelona metro station will check the mobility of the city. The association organizes the Congress, GSMA, announced an emergency plan with alternative transportation options for secure travel to Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The 11th edition of the MWC began at 10:00 am with the presence of the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont; Minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria, and the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau. Barcelona is expected to attract 95,000 participants and generate an economic impact of 460 million euros. So, you can easily use some of the best online movie streaming sites to get entertained.         

Hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment, taxi drivers and transport companies, among others, have adapted their services and facilities to meet the members of Congress near de100.000, many of the executives who have traveled to Barcelona participate in a conference record year.

The days before the Congress was marked by presentations del Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. China Huawei, the third manufacturer more “smartphones” sold worldwide, announced its entry into the PC business with a two in one Notebook -called. The HP computer company proclaimed its return to the mobile market with a “phablet” for professional environments.

virtual reality and the fifth generation of mobile gamers in the coming days will crave. On this last point, it is expected a discussion between the European Commission and the Association of Industry 5G.

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who was left on photograph Barcelona, ​​is participating for the third consecutive year in the MWC, which tonight will offer a conference that will address current and future challenges of this network.

The MWC will this time with a specific program dedicated to the technology of graphene, dubbed by some as the material of the future, because it is set to revolutionize the technology and products such as sensors or digital chips, and also have a pavilion dedicated the so-called Internet of things and portable devices ” such as watches or bracelets. If you are a biggest movie geek then you can also enjoy putlockers new site to watch all TV shows and movies for free.

a minimum service in the subway

The main disadvantage of living the MWC this year will be the mobility of public transport, as the Barcelona metro workers called a strike on 22 and 24 February, compared to what the government has given a minimum service of 50% in hours advanced these days.

The influx of travelers in the suburbs declined after TMB recommend avoid using it and opt for other means of transport, although the company is ready to “regulate the crowds that can occur.”

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