Habit-Breaking Habits In The Workplace


According to Globoforce research, 78% of people working outside the home for 30 to 50 hours a week spend much more time with colleagues than they do with the family. Based on this, friendship in the workplace is a very important moment in a working relationship. 

This not only raises the mood but increases the degree of trust in colleagues, contributes to the growth of productivity and quality of work. Good relationships in the workplace guarantee personal and professional well-being. Unfortunately, we all very often make annoying mistakes that can nullify friendships. And with the loss of friendship, working relationships cease to be glued.

Here are 7 things to avoid in every way possible.

1. Gossip

Gossip is worse than a viral disease. They spread easily, it is difficult to get rid of them, and the consequences can be the most severe. Gossip turns the workplace into a battlefield, where all participants willingly or not have to take sides. This not only creates an unpleasant atmosphere in the team, it completely kills the established trusting relationships between colleagues. Gossip is not easy to prevent. 

But whenever you hear a rumor, you must immediately cut short the narrator, saying that you are not interested in this topic or that you do not have first-hand details to conduct such a conversation. Rumors, by the way, may not necessarily be negative variancetv. But you need to stop any of them since few people will like that they discuss his behavior or personal life behind the eyes. If you suddenly recognize yourself as a rumor distributor,

2. Insecurity

Each of us at least once came across a person whose words diverge from the deed. If you are a leader, you must either get rid of such an employee, because he will let the whole team down, or not entrust him with affairs with a high degree of responsibility and urgency. If you are an ordinary employee, you will have to try to reduce communication to a minimum so as not to get annoyed again. Or do it yourself. And watch yourself. No sooner said than done. And no other way.

3. Procrastination

Some people put off solving important matters until the very last moment. This tactic can be effective in working alone, but for a team, it is completely unsuitable because there the result depends on the coordination of actions of all members of the group. Some may not have time to do their part of the assignment due to a slow colleague.

The consequences are stress, irritation, rejection, disrespect, not to mention the fact that it threatens to disrupt the deadlines for the project. If you are one of such people, accustom yourself to do the most difficult things at the beginning of the working day, so as not to let down your colleagues and not to cause confusion in the relationship.

4. Lies

A little innocent, it would seem, a lie can pull big trouble. On the one hand, there is nothing terrible if you pretend to be sick once to spend a day at home with your family. On the other hand, systematic deception undermines faith in such people, and relations in the collective become tense. The situation is especially unpleasant if such pathological liars occupy high and responsible positions – both colleagues and management cease to trust them. But the result is one – a decrease in labor productivity.

5. Absent-mindedness

A man must rest. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being distracted from work for a few minutes and leafing through the feed on Facebook. But only on the condition that all urgent matters have been done, that the leader is not waiting for a report, the client is responding to an important letter, and the colleague is your part of the task, without which he cannot begin to carry out his work.

Performers who put their entertainment in the workplace above the interests of other people, not only knock the whole team off the working rhythm, but also cause irritation towards themselves, and it invariably translates into hostile relationships and loss of friendships.

6. Bullying

It is not necessary to think that only children are prone to cruelty and bullying. Often, we do not notice how we “poison” our colleague. Even if it seems to you that you (or someone) came up with an innocent joke and it is very kind and funny, it is better to leave the person alone and not joke at all than to risk relationships.

7. Work alone

There are situations when the desire to work independently outside the team can bring good results, but often the situation is that you need not get out of the team. Teamwork contributes to personal and professional growth. Team play is built on trust, its results are so high, and the consequences are pleasant and inspire to new achievements.

Therefore, anyone who sets personal goals above team goals should understand that this can result not only in the loss of friendships and harmonious relations with colleagues but also in a decrease in performance indicators.

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