How Travel App Make your Journey More Interesting

Travel app

The smartphone apps can save you time and money when you’re on the go. According to the statistics, the travel industry has become more than 10 trillion dollar industry. Due to a lot of mobile users, the role of mobile apps becoming more prevalent. There are more than 2 Billion mobile apps are downloading each month. Throughout the world, the time has started a company developed a Travel App that we can all use to access great travel deals.

To access the apps for free where customers can now use the WiFi of their smartphones while international data normally carries high costs. To better prepare themselves for things such as weather and culture, the travelers can virtually tour their vacation spots before they start the journey with the help of these apps. Book tickets for additional flights in advance by getting all flight details on the go.

Here are the list of best travel apps for Apple and Android smartphones

Google Maps

The Google maps is one of the best travel apps both run on your Android or Apple smartphone. You just require to select a zone on your map and then download the life-saving offline version. Exploring remote areas on your vacation in case you run out of range. You navigate any country like a local where you find each matrix such as Traffic updates, public transit and street views etc.

Google Translate

It is not necessary that English is the primary level language to a country where you are traveling. So Google Translate is just like a handy app to make you feel a little bit less lost. Translate text from road signs or notes uses just point your smartphone camera. In all kinds of emergencies, Google Translate definitely comes as a handy app.

Food spotting:

Exploring new food and local eateries is the best part of travel without walking down streets is now possible with foodspotting app to provide visual guide to all your cravings helps you locate restaurants and diners.


During borrowing and lending money over the entire trip the Splitwise app eliminates all the friction. The Splitwise app makes your trip best with friends or family and allows you to split hotel, conveyance, food bills and much more.


Book your flights and then predicts prices at the right time with the help of Hopper App. with 95% accuracy Hopper predicts prices up to 1 year in advance. Just accurate predictions without any ads, no spam, no stress. It is the easiest way to book and save.


Make your trip more enjoyable with spotify app that contain Millions of songs without the need of credit card.

Pack Point

This app help you to make a list based on your plan. PackPoint organizes number of days, climate, activities you plan to take on.

Google Trip:

If you are looking best personal travel organizer then Google trip is the best option at all. During your trip you can be put in one place such as tickets, stay, itinerary and all your essential.

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