Options for Gatwick Airport Transport

Airport Transport

If you are traveling to London, UK and arriving at Gatwick airport, then there is one thing you don’t need to worry about and that is the transport options Gatwick offers to the passengers arriving at the airport. Gatwick is one of the busiest airports in the UK and is closest to the South-Central London city area. It caters hundreds of international flights daily with over thousands of passengers arriving every hour and hence airport transport facilities are made up to the mark for the passengers so that the transportation problem can be resolved without congestion outside the airport.

Gatwick airport transport is mainly divided into three modes of transportation which are described below along with the advantages/disadvantages they carry.

Public Transportation

Government has considerably provided fair options for the general public to travel under a cheap mode of transportation available at the airport.

By Metro Train: Once you arrive at the airport you can easily choose to travel via metro train. A short mile away from the airport terminal metro train arrive at the station to pick up passengers and takes them to the central city moving across different stations within the city. It moves smoothly on track and eliminates the traffic congestion factor. Reaches on stations on time as per the schedule and are considerably affordable in terms of fares.

There are a few flaws in traveling via Train;

  1. You need to walk a mile from the airport to catch your train and then after reaching stop you need to catch a taxi to reach your final destination.
  2. You need to take care of your luggage all the time while on the train and it became hectic if you are carrying luggage over 2+ bags
  3. First you need to pay to travel via train and then after a drop off at the station you are required to pay for the taxi to reach the hotel

By Public Bus: It’s the cheapest you can get, travel alone if you wish to step on a bus, it’s slow, takes you from main streets and not as fast as the train off course. It’s ideal for those who are traveling alone and has no time limitations at all.

Private Transport Options

If you choose to travel via private transport options then you are going to find two similar services but are completely different in terms of fares, service features, and other qualities.

Public Taxi Options: One of the most widely used options to travel from the airport is the Taxis outside Gatwick Airport, there is enough number of taxis available for the passengers and taxi stands are situated right outside the airport. These taxis charged as per meter or you can bargain the fare with the driver as well. There are however a few disadvantages in traveling via minicab or taxi;

  1. You got to be lucky to get the taxi on time as there is a long queue outside taxi stands
  2. On seasonal arrivals, these taxis may charge a higher fare, for example in current cricket world cup season, Taxi fares are higher than usual.

Private Taxi- Airport Transfers:

One of the ideal modes of transportation from Gatwick airport is privately hired airport transfers. They offer door to door services and all the drivers are well dressed and well mannered. You can book your private taxi before arriving online and the driver will be there to welcome you at the airport which means no waiting, no walking, and no bargaining.

The only drawback you may find in hiring private taxis is the fare, as it is slightly higher than other Gatwick airport transport options but the kind of services they deliver, it is worth using as you are sure to travel with comfort and convenience.

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