Reasons for Drop in B.Tech Admissions in Telangana

B.Tech Admissions

In the B.Tech admissions 2019, most of the students in Telangana ditched local universities and decided to seek admissions in the universities positioned out of the state. According to an article published in Times of India, it’s a matter of exodus worry for the local universities and the time to analyze the reasons for slump in the engineering admissions.

Why the students seeking to pursue engineering courses are so eager to step out of the state admissions?  Is it the level of education, exorbitant fee structure, or what? In this post, we are going to discuss the reasons why there is a significant drop in B.Tech Admission in Telangana and how a few of the colleges could manage to gain number of admissions even in this crisis.

Global Exposure

Most of the universities across the nation are offering engineering courses in collaboration with some of the premier foreign universities/ institutions. It attracts the students the most that they will be given the opportunity to pursue their engineering education with an adequate global exposure. It might be a reason why Telangana-based institutions are lagging behind. Mahindra E’cole Centrale (MEC), being one of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad, has alliance with E’cole Centrale- the infamous French university and they witnessed a good number of admissions.

International Faculty

It has become a trend across colleges and universities to draw international faculty from top global institutions to impart learning with an international edge. This feature also lures students towards such institutions to experience the learning at par global standards. In the other parts of country, the institutions are concentrating a lot on on-boarding faculty from different parts of the globe whereas Telangana-based colleges are relying on their regular faculty. It might be also the reason why only MEC could perform up to the mark, in terms of B.Tech admissions in Telangana.

Experiential Leaning

The new-age engineering has been redefined by the more emphasis on experiential learning of the students. Nowadays, the engineering aspirants are prepared with insightful knowledge of the industry as well as emerging technologies. The colleges repeating the stereotype curriculum were seen failing to attract a good number of students for admissions. This reason strongly advocates the fact why there is a huge dip in the number of admissions at Telangana engineering colleges.

Placement Assistance

It’s the most crucial factor in terms of driving the admission in a college. The placement scenario should be phenomenal. Most of the colleges that offer placements in top-notch industries are able to gain admissions in every season. In the case of recruiting the students, there might be the possibility that Telangana-based engineering colleges couldn’t perform well. It’s an assumption. MEC, Hyderabad again bids a mention since their placements of past years have been excellent and hence, they managed to witness good number of admissions where other engineering colleges in Telangana were struggling.

Final Word So, assumptions discussed above loudly speak that the engineering aspirant of current age is not very much impressed with the legacy, even they look for a college that can deliver education in a sync with global industry environment.   

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