Reasons To Have A. Com Domain For Improved Site Progress

Reasons To Have A. Com Domain For Improved Site Progress

There are so many people who are planning to start their new online business or thinking about re-branding of their businesses.  So first step they will take in this regard is to select the domain name. By choosing a non .COM domain name you can save a few amount of money for short term, but in the long run it may not be too much beneficial for you. Actually, there are so many reasons why you should prefer to invest in .com domain extension which we are discussing below:

1. Popularity of the .com WEBSITES:

There are almost 46% of websites that are already registered in the .com Domain. That’s why it will be a wise idea to choose this platform and opt for the well-known .com domain for your business website or else choosing pk domain registration Pakistan will also be a good decision. This extension actually starts in 1985 that was a time when .com domain was given to brick and mortar stores who were seeking a website. 


Another reason of having the .com domain is most people assume that your site ends with .com. So yes in that case there might be chances of losing some of your customers. Buying the .com domain might be a bit costly, but it will definitely be the best option that you can choose. Yes, we can say that choosing the .com domain might be profitable for your business and help you to capture more clients.


Actually .com domain is most treatable and reputable domain which you can consider for your website. It will add a credibility and reliability to your brand that will capture the attention of your prospective customers. There are so many domains available out there, but still most of the people are not aware of these domains. So in that situation, it is actually better to consider .com domain for your new online business.

4. A .COM means YOU belong to reputed company:

Another reason why businessman or reputed companies prefer to have a .com domain is that it will help you to let the people know that your company is well-established. .com domain will add credibility to your brand and its worthy to invest your money in these .com domain. Big companies actually know the importance of having the .com domain and they are even ready to buy these domains at higher rates than others. 


Moreover, there are so many people out there who don’t know about the fact that search engines actually give favours to the websites with the .com domain. Keep in mind that it will not be true always but famous search engines just like Google prefer to rank non-country domain names better than others. Which relates to certain regions of the world. That’s why it will be beneficial for companies to invest their money in buying .com domains.

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