Seagate ST600MP0005 – A Must Have Hard Drive to Solve Your Storage Issues!!

Seagate ST600MP0005

Storage issues has become the next impossible barrier to break in the current timings. Everything getting digitalized has no doubt relieved some pressure but has increased the new problem of storing the data. Hard drives/ Hard disks/ Portable hard disks are the main products which are used to meet this storage issue. However, it raises the question about how to buy Portable Hard Drives online which is the right one. There are several big players in the market for the same. So, we decided to give you details, overview and review about one of the hard disks available in the market.

Product overview:

The 600 GB Seagate ST600MP0005 is designed to offer higher performance. It offers higher data transfer speed and greater performance to make the system compatible with new generation computing. It is 2.5 inches enterprise hard drive features total capacity storage of 600GB. It is equipped with a SAS 12 GB /s interface that offers higher performance. The 128MB cache memory offers great data transfer rate.

The product also offers a rotational speed of 15,000 RPM so that you can access that data with a higher speed as compared to those hard drives whose rotational speed is just 7,200 RPM. The higher cache memory allows you to have uninterrupted data transfer, when you utilize SAS ports, you can achieve the transfer data speed up to 2,400MB/s.

This offers a great experience to all its users while transferring data, playing games and doing multiple activities simultaneously. If you are the one who is looking for low power consumption, then this hard drive is an ideal option for you when it comes to offering maximized energy efficiency. The 2.5 inches form factor offers reduced power consumption when compared to the hard drives of 3.5 inches drive.   

Specification of the product:

•    Capacity: 600 GB

•    Sector size: 512/512e

•    Speed: 15,000 RPM

•    Types of Interfaces: SAS serial attached SCSI

•    Form factor: 2.5in X 15mm SFF server drive

•    On-board cache: 128MB

•    Sustainable throughput: 233 to 160

•    Average seek time: 2.0

•    Enclosure type: Internal

•    Hybrid SSD cache: 32GB/MLC NAND

•    Weight of the product: 8.11 oz

•    Generation: SAS SFF

•    Data transfer rate of 12 GB/s

•    HotSwap: Yes

•    Cache: 128 MB

The hard drive provides higher performance and capacity for data storage to numerous numbers of systems such as network servers, engineering workstations, and mainframes. The interface serial attached SCSI is designed in such a way that completes the need of the next-generation computing. The hard drive completes higher performance, flexibility, scalability, and high-density storage requirements.

Features of hard drive:

•    It stores twice the data of tier 1 when compared to the previous generation hard drives. It does not increase the drive count while offering increased customer satisfaction to its users.

•    It offers faster transaction processing which results in offering increased revenue generation, therefore, higher satisfaction from their customers.

•    It is equipped with the 512 native drive format.

•    It offers 18% improvement in SDR performance when compared to the previous generation.

•    2.0 million hours MTBF

•    SAS based PI (protection improvement) that protects you against inadvertent change. 

•    It is equipped with the 12 Gb/s SAS interface with the improved flexibility and scalability.

•    It offers higher performance with HDD (hard disk drive) with internal enclosure and 2.5 inches form factor.

•    With 600GB of storage capacity, the enterprise performance 15 K offers complete storage space for all the users.

•    The device connects with the SAS interface offers a spindle speed of 15,000 RPM that ensures proper efficient operation. Therefore, if you buy it you will get enhanced speed and performance.

Buy Portable Hard Drives online and enhance your personal computer space without even changing your computer. You don’t have to put extra efforts or money to get higher storage capacity in your personal computer. The Seagate hard drive height is 0.59 inches, width is 2.76 inches, depth of 3.95 inches and it weighs around 0.5 lbs.

It contains higher storage capacity so you can store higher storage of data into it. It is the cheapest way to enhance your computer memory to enhance your data transfer speed. If you are a gaming geek or looking for a way to enhance your PC’s memory then this enterprise hard drive is the right option for you.

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