Some Super-Easy Ways to Mastering the Hardest Parts of MCAT


If you want to get into the best medical school, it is important to secure an impressive score in MCAT. As it is one of the most important admission requirements, every aspiring student has to fulfill to increase their chances of acceptance. Getting a high score on the MCAT is a challenging undertaking for many medical school applicants as it is harder than a typical college test and covers multiple subjects, such as biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, and psychology.

The MCAT is longer than a traditional college exam that takes around seven and a half hours along with short breaks to complete the different sections of the exam. Each section of the MCAT has different challenges that are designed to tailor-make to test your knowledge. Taking practice tests is one of the best strategies that help you prepare for each section.

According to the updated MCAT format, Psychology and Sociology section is the newest addition to the test. Some students find it difficult to prepare for this new section of the MCAT and consider this action as the hardest part of the MCAT preparation. However, preparing for MCAT psychology and sociology section will become easier if you review and memorize the important content, use effective learning techniques and take as many practice tests as you can.

If you are preparing for the MCAT for the first time or retaking it to improve your score, here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you deal with the most challenging parts of the MCAT and perform well on the test day.

Read Test Preparation Books

When it comes to preparing for the hardest parts of the MCAT such as psychology and sociology section, you can learn the concepts by reading a test preparation book. The book contains 120 questions and answers that prepares you for all the four sections. It is a great choice for students that gives them a better idea of what type of questions will appear in the real test.

Take as Many Practice Tests as You Can

If you want to score good marks in the MCAT, it is advised to take as many practice tests as possible. Though learning concepts and reading text material is an effective strategy, taking practice test will prepare you how to apply the concepts and knowledge you have learned to practice questions and passages. This strategy will not only help you excel in the psychology/sociology section but also prepare you for the remaining three sections. So, create a study schedule and set aside time for practice tests.

Using Visuals

If you are a visual learner, you can strengthen your sociology and psychology knowledge by using “Kaplan’s MCAT complete 7-Book Subject Review”. The book is the best choice for visual learners as it contains 3D illustrations and images of complex topics and more than 2450 practice questions. The best part about this book is that it contains sheets that explain important things to consider when preparing for each section. The book includes the study plan for all the four sections of the test. 

In addition, YouTube videos, demonstrations, flowcharts and images are also helpful study tools that will help you learn and memorize the topic that will be tested on the MCAT. There are many MCAT preparation materials available online that you can use to prepare for the hardest parts of the MCAT.  

Read Research Papers and Health Journals

To develop a better understanding of sociology and psychology, you can read different research papers and health journals. This will give you a clear idea of different social perspectives on health. In the MCAT, your concepts and knowledge will be judged by giving you different passages on health condition related to social issues and environmental exposures.

Make the Most of Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the most important learning strategies that can better prepare you for the test and maximize your study time. These are the most popular study tools that will help you memorize the information you have learned through study guides.

Learn What Matters Most

Preparing for the MCAT requires your full concentration to strengthen your knowledge and concepts. It is important to read the most important topics and their related details. Avoid spending too much time memorizing each and every topic. Focus on reviewing the most important theories, research methods and topics to build a solid foundation of knowledge.

Final Thoughts If you want to apply to a top Caribbean medical school and become an excellent doctor, you will need to get good marks in the MCAT. These easy strategies will help you ace the psychology and sociology section of the test, memorize all the key concepts and prepare you to secure an impressive score in the MCAT.

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