Top Factors to Hire The Right DJ

Top Factors to Hire the Right DJ

For the next birthday or teenage party, one may have narrowed down the entertainment choice down to a DJ. This makes good sense since he is able to play a wide choice of one’s favourite dance music.

Most DJ’s are also MC’s (Master of Ceremonies) who can make any required announcements in a professional manner, which contributes to the success of the planned event like a Bar Mitzvah party.

A great Disc Jockey always does what his client says. The client will pay the deposit, sign the contract and get the person to work for him. The clients are the boss! The Disc Jockey must be informed in advance what is expected, required and needed. It is his job to bring the proper equipment, arrange for and play the music wanted by clients and be properly dressed.

The client must not be under the mistaken assumption that the DJ hire Melbourne knows all that is needed. The event is about the likes and dislikes of clients. After all, it is their friends and family who will be attending the event. So, the client will have a good idea of what is needed while the Disc Jockey will not. So, the client has to apprise DJ’s Melbourne with maximum information related to the event/ party.
Following Are Tips On How To Hire a Good Disc Jockey:

Determine His Role

What exactly will be required from the Disk Jockey? What must he do or not do? Should he just play music and not talk? Or else, should he function as an MC and make announcements? Must he have a sophisticated attitude or be interactive and a party animal? Must he give or not give dance lessons? Should he sing or avoid singing? Should he use Karaoke or not?
The needs of different parties are very different. A Bar- Mitzvah party is very different from a wedding reception. The bottom line is that the event is a reflection of the client’s personality and so the Disc Jockey chosen by the client exemplifies this.

Type of Music

What type of music does the client want? This factor is crucial. One must ensure that the Disc Jockey has all the music required for the event. This is not just the music wanted by the latter. You may need a variety of music ranging from country to Billboard top 10.

The client must search for a DJ who specialises in the music of his choice. Professionals who offer a variety of music are most expensive since they need to know about the various kinds of music, how to mix them and keep the guests of the party in a happy mood.

With the advent of computers and the internet, the number of persons claiming to be Disc Jockeys has multiplied manifold. So, one must take great care while choosing a DJ hire Melbourne. Just because someone has lots of music in his hand, doesn’t make him a good professional. A good Disc Jockey knows what to play and when. He knows to handle requests. Requests are special because they will impact the kind of music being played. Decide beforehand with the Disc Jockey that requests of guests may be played only if they reflect the theme of the party.

The Right Equipment

Ensure that the Disc Jockey has the right equipment for the event. The sound system must complement the size of the party and where the party is being organized. Equipment like wireless lapel microphone must be made available if it is required. Bubbles, fogs and lights are all effects which fit some events and not others. The client must determine beforehand what he will be paying for.


Another factor that one pays for in one among DJ’s Melbourne is his experience, especially in events like those one wishes to host. A good Disc Jockey has experience in smoothing over potentially awkward moments. It is he who will ultimately make you look good or bad.
These are some ways in which to hire the right DJ for a special event.

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