What Leads To The Failure Of Dynamics 365 Implementation?


No company likes a botched Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. As, a faulty implementation is definitely one of the most exorbitant blunders a firm makes. At the same time, it can lead to a lot of disturbance in the firm, and eventually will hamper the business functionality. Therefore, every firm would want to implement any new tech solution without much hassle. The solution should have a very few or no bruises and scrapes. And, one should be able to avoid any false starts as well.

When it comes to problem in implementation, it is believed that many companies face problems while implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. As per some of the reports, a large variety of implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions do not meet expectations of the company. This is definitely one of the most upsetting stats for any company who wishes to implement a topnotch ERP or an all-inclusive corporate solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the growth of their business. Therefore, companies should surely be aware of the most common factors that lead to the failures in implementation. The companies should be well-versed with the main pitfalls or hurdles that can hamper the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation pitfalls.

Here’re a few of the top reasons that restrict the company from crossing the go-live finish line while implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Improper planning

If a company wants to successfully implement anything in the firm, be it a new software or even a new plan, they have to prepare a solid plan to implement it. First of all, the plan should lay down the specific reasons of implementing anything new. Apart from that it should also contain the changes that the new implementation will bring to the company. Now here, if you are planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, then prepare a proper plan to onboard it. The users should know that why it is being implemented, how it is being implemented and how this new solution can bring changes to their work. And, it is utmost important to do the implementation in phases, based on the implementation plan, to avoid any roadblocks or errors.

  • Inadequately trained or inexpert professionals

Well, if you really want to make sure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be implemented properly and it should benefit your company in the long run, then it is utmost important to hire only expert professionals for implementation. The process of implementation is not very easy and thus, only highly experienced staff should be appointed for implementation. As, at the end of the day, you know if the implementation is not done successfully then, it is going to badly impact the financial state of your business. Therefore, it is wise to invest nicely in the initial stage only. Thus, make sure you choose only highly skilled people for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.

  • Not assessing your key expectations from Dynamics 365 and your existing tools

Before implementing anything in your company, be it a new tech solution or a plan, it is utmost important to assess the key requirements that it is going to fulfill. Therefore, first of all, analyze all the current tools and programs that you are using at present. And, then, asses your key expectations from the new Microsoft Dynamics 365. Also, prepare a detailed document containing how the new implementation is going to solve your purpose. Only when you know exactly ‘why’ you are adopting a new corporate solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365; and then only you would be able to make the most of it. Also, it is important to analyze all your existing tools so that you replace the ones that may not be required anymore.

At the end of the day, proper Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation is definitely going to be very important. Thus, make sure you follow all the right steps and avoid any possibility that may hamper Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.

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