Why Should You Consider Burleigh Pools For Your Custom-Made Swimming Pool?

Burleigh Pools- Gold Coast'sAward Winning Pool Builder

Are you looking for a custom-made swimming pool for your plush property? So you wish to enjoy the pleasure of swimming in your own pool? Worry not as the Burleigh Pools is there at your service. The Burleigh Pools Gold Coast is one of the top quality pools and spa builders. They can design swimming pools and spa at any space or site.

Did you know that they are one of the most voted pool builders of the year 2019? The votes for Pool Builder of the Year Award were solely based on the feedback of the customers, which reflect that they stand true to their commitment to customer satisfaction. For reinforcing their position as an accomplished swimming pool builder, they have also been awarded the Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder of the Year 2009 by Master Builders Association. When you plan to get a swimming pool built in your house, you can connect with them, and their representative will visit your place. They will decide how to build the custom pool or spa in the space that you have. They can also design for your stylish entries such as steps and ramps as well as fancy water features such as fountains, lights, rock walls and more.

The Burleigh Pools was established way back in the 1970s, and today, it has become one of the most established and well-recognized swimming pool builders. They take pride in being one of the fully licensed companies in both Queensland and New South Wales. They have been located at their current address for 15 years and have won many accolades for their extraordinary work. They have won many state and National Swimming Pool and Spa Association awards.

The company offers you a chance to buy what you see at their display which includes beach entry, invisible air grid, in-floor cleaning system, solar heating, waterfall, fibre optic lighting, swim jets and much more. You can view their swimming pool options online and see how it will be constructed at your place. You can also ask them for the custom designs that suit your backyard needs. They have an extensive range of filters, pumps, chlorinators, automatic cleaners, pool chemicals and many accessories on the display. You can also find a whole variety of tiling, paving, and interior finish samples.

Now you can make the most of your beautiful and refreshing day with the Burleigh Pools in Gold Coast. You can get the pool created at your backyard irrespective of whether you have a large yard or a landscaped garden. The company has an extensive portfolio of designs which include:

  • Geometric
  • Freeform
  • Lap
  • Plunge
  • Spa

Apart from customized swimming pools, you can also make your pool area stand out with a variety of features for improving the look, feel, and functionality of any swimming pool. You can ask their representative for the options.

Once you connect with their team, a representative will assist you through the stages of selecting and designing a swimming pool to suit your needs and make an appointment with one of the consultants. Once the appointment is made, the consultant will meet you at the proposed site. This will be the initial consultation where they will assess the site suitability and discuss special requirements for the pool further. The entire process of building pool will include stages of planning, excavating, spraying the concrete shell, delivering of coping and filtration equipment and pebble finishing.

Thus, Burleigh Pools is one of the best companies if you wish to get a swimming pool in your backyard and enjoy your sunny days soaking in the bliss of cool water.

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