Powerful Examples of Neuromarketing in Action

There is no doubt marketing is one of the most dynamic fields when it comes to diversity and the width of applying creative and new strategies. Companies all over the world are trying to create a perfect campaign. This is the one that makes everyone crave their product or service.  As the field of study has been evolving, it’s not only a matter of trial and error.

You were only able to get some feedback based on reliance until recently. You were relying on people engaged in focus groups and similar activities were telling the truth. But the introduction of modern technology has allowed us to look deeper into consumer behavior. We started to study the patterns, causes, and consequences of reactions.

How does it work?

When making every decision, there are many processes happening in our brains. We are aware of some criteria, but most of them are happening extremely fast and on a level of subconsciousness. And only the level of complexity will vary from a choice of a meal in a restaurant to a major life-changing decision, such as to move abroad. Following the trends used in psychology and modern medicine, marketing explorations have gone beyond the traditional methods. 

More and more companies that wish to increase the conversion rate and raise their brand awareness are conducting studies. These studies employ certain neuromarketing techniques. The emotional response of a consumer is measured by various parameters. These are heart rates, galvanic skin responses, eye tracking, brain imaging, etc.

This is the future and for some of the lucky ones, the present. In other words, a scenario where they can actually read the mind of their target group study participant. It is still developing, and it is highly recommendable to start adapting to the market changes. When one adapts, they become the leader of futurology in your business area.

What does the consumer want?

While creating a marketing strategy, it’s always about what the consumers want, to see, hear, visualize, connect with etc. First of all, you want to capture their attention. Therefore, you need to create content that will evoke an emotional response. You also want to establish a certain level of trust, and make them think further about your brand. You can use a combination of external stimuli, such as vision and sound for example. Also, some systematic responses, such as nervous-system response. 

It is crucial to define your target group precisely, or several of them, in order to get the ultimate comparative study that includes relevant variables. This can be applied to every step of a marketing campaign, from creating a logo and choosing the color of your package, to presenting options for a video ad to be run on the national television frequencies.

For example, a study was conducted by the National Cancer Institute in order to determine the best ad for a hotline to help smokers quit. The smokers were in the study group, and there were several phases during the process. They measured neural activity in the region of interest and were able to predict the effects on the larger population with the help of comparing the results for a small group of individuals. 

Start noticing the patterns

Some things are obvious, even without further research, for example, the association of colors with certain emotions. So, in our perception of warm colors, such as red, we tend to connect it with the feelings of love, desire and similarly. It’s no wonder why some major global leaders such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and KFC have opted for it. On the other hand, we have the cold part of the spectrum where we perceive blue as calmness, safety, and care. Therefore, brands such as Nivea and Dove rarely go outside their white and blue comfort zone.

Graphic design is another aspect that can influence the mood of a consumer, especially with the rise of e-commerce and overall time spent browsing the World Wide Web. It all counts and can be measured, from the chosen fonts to the core of the content you are providing. It is highly recommended to have an expert team guide you through the proven methods of eye gaze techniques, combinations of colors and content-related variables when it comes to both text and video forms.

Great expectations

Be aware that the consumer intention and expectations change on a regular basis, so following the latest trends is a premise these methods will be built upon. The emotional response can end up to be a disappointment if, for example, your website loads slowly, or isn’t optimized for mobile devices. This can heavily damage the reputation of a brand, and reduce the levels of consumer loyalty. In order to personalize the experience you offer, you ought to engage in numerous modern advertising strategies, such as optimization of search engines, and consider investing in paid ads. Nowadays not even the best product and amazing recommendations can put you on the first page of Google. Google is a reliable source for most of the population. and hardly anyone will go further than the first page of results. 

This is the reason everyone who wants to stay in the market competition uses the abovementioned services from marketing agencies. It’s a growing market, and you can easily find a company for quality SEO services, as we believe it’s the case on a global level. Consumers have said they demand more content, more visibility on social networks, more personalized offers and discounts. Consumers have said they want you to get to know them for a change. The tables have turned, and now it truly is a challenge to gain someone’s loyalty. Therefore, the need emerged to dive deeper into the human brain, at the very neural connections. Which, by forming themselves, form our opinion.


By creating a path to a clear image of one’s reaction, people have altered the future of many areas in life. Proving, once again, that the greatest tool of all is the human mind. Exploring the possibilities of one’s needs and responding to them is the ultimate goal of every marketing strategy. But what happens when you can almost cheat in the game? Well, the answer for this field of study is the results achieved with neuromarketing techniques applied. The only question remained is, are you ready for the future which is already happening? We’ve always known about the importance of feedback, but if you use this to your advantage, success is guaranteed. 

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